Reprographics & Document Management

CDDI is excited about sharing its expertise in providing a number of Engineering related services. Its newest venture is to turn its in-house reprographics capabilities into a new cost center.

CDDI now provides reprographics and document management corporate capabilities. Reprographics is a copying process that provides large engineering drawings and specifications.

As CDDI grows and prospers, so will its diverse staff, and the community it serves. The firm will continue to develop services that will serve the community by employing and training local talent.

CDDI is currently working with cutting edge technologies that will allow us to reduce the amount of paper we use through recycling programs and the use of post consumer recycled paper when possible.

CDDI also helps to reduce the total amount of paper utilized during document archival through the use of digital document storage systems such as Planwell.

Reprographic and document management

Some of CDDI's Past Projects